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Usually considered a sub-section of Fresh Meadows, Utopia is featured in this survey as its own neighborhood due to its small commercial node along Fresh Meadows Lane (home to the Bombay Theater) and—more importantly—because of its highly aspirational name, borrowed from the Utopia Land Company of 1905. In the author’s opinion, this name captures the spirit of the entire borough, not in the idyllic sense that the word is most often associated with but instead its original meaning of an impossible and imaginary place, a place with no permanent or fixed identity, a place in constant flux due to its multi-cultural and migrant population. Architecturally speaking, this neighborhood has the typical free-association/traditional style found in most of Queens that is a mash-up of classical features and inexpensive modern building materials. Utopia is bound by Horace Harding Expressway to the north, Union Turnpike to the south, the mid 180s to the east, and 164th Street to the west.



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