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One of the few wealthy enclaves in Queens, this neighborhood was literally built on the white limestone that the Dutch found in this area when they settled it in the 17th century. It contains the even wealthier subsection of Malba with large single-family homes built along curving suburban-style streets and a yacht club at the northern tip next to the Whitestone Bridge. But the houses featured here are found more in the middle-class streets below the Cross Island Parkway until Willets Point Boulevard at the southern border of the neighborhood, between the Whitestone and Clearview Expressways. Most of the housing stock is still single-family houses with some interesting exceptions in the form of low-rise apartment blocks, row houses, and twinned houses. The colors and materials are more muted than other sections of Queens but there are some unorthodox combinations of these. Informal construction is less frequent but plenty of irregular housing configurations exist.


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