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The houses selected for this section are far from the landmarked community of Sunnyside Gardens (home to urban scholar and "organic humanist" Lewis Mumford) and the six-story pre-war co-ops. These houses are at the southern fringes of the neighborhood and the streets bordering New Calvary Cemetery and the light industrial parts of Long island City. A healthy variety of semi-detached houses and row housing exists in these areas where the streets are evenly gridded. Single-family residences are rare. A slightly more “worn” patina is evidenced on the façades as one approaches the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (photo 7). A couple original wooden clapboard (not vinyl) houses remain with traditional ornamentation and proportions in more subdued colors (photos 5 & 8). The first photo is a rare example of a small multi-family unit with discontinuous roof sections creating a “little-bay big-bay” rhythm that corresponds to its protuberant building features.



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