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At the southeastern tip of the borough is Rosedale. A medium-sized neighborhood separated from the rest of southeastern Queens by the Belt Parkway and a necklace of creeks and parks (Hook and Brookville) in its southern section. To the north is has a tapered shape created by the aforementioned Belt Parkway and Hook Creek Boulevard. A little more suburban than the rest of the borough—no attached and barely any semi-detached houses—with just a few commercial blocks close to the LIRR station yet still the same Queens’ mash-up of housing styles. Since it is one of the more recently developed neighborhoods (1930), mid-century minimal traditional typologies dominate. Some have a slightly modern expression with large glazing units in boxy white clapboard (vinyl siding) shells. Many acknowledge the nearby Jamaica Bay and are elevated one story to protect against flooding. Covered porches with a southern colonial flavor are also popular. Hardly any mock-Tudors in the nabe. 


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