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In the middle of southeastern Queens lies the famed neighborhood of St. Albans, home to jazz greats such as Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and John Coltrane, and sports heroes such as Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and Babe Ruth. There’s nothing obvious about the houses that speaks to the St. Albans’ strong Jazz legacy–just the usual amount of “improvised”, Queens-style renovations that stray from the strict formulations of “correct” architecture to embrace color, pattern, material variations and asymmetry. That said, the majority of houses are in the Colonial, Tudor and Minimal Traditional style. The eclectic ones featured here are mostly from the “braided” section of street grids bordered by Henderson Avenue, Farmers Boulevard and Dunkirk Street. Detached single-family houses comprise the majority of the suburban streets of St. Albans but a pedestrian-friendly walking culture still does exist, albeit less than other more urban neighborhoods in the borough. 

St. Albans


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