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Historically, Ridgewood is a contested neighborhood that straddles the border between Kings and Queens County. Currently, it is experiencing the “Williamsburg hipster migration” as it pushes east past Bushwick and now into Queens. Its southern border does not coincide with any large thoroughfare, infrastructure, or natural feature but instead follows a pre-grid diagonal line (google “Arbitration Rock”) that has now been “justified” with the grid in a stepping fashion. To the north, its border with Maspeth is cleanly defined by Metropolitan Avenue; to the east, an elevated freight line separating it from Glendale; and to the west, Flushing Avenue. Ridgewood is much denser than its surrounding Queens neighborhoods: row houses and tenements from the early 20th century dominate the blocks. Hardly any detached houses can be found. The characteristic Queens’ quirky house has an amplified, “spliced-in” effect when set into the more urban context of a residential streetwall.


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