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The houses represented here are not the ones of the landmarked garden community or the large historic co-ops but instead ones at the edges of the neighborhood where more moderate styles of housing typologies dominate and "teardowns" have given way to one-off “mini-villas” of whimsical architectural character. Mostly located northeast of Queens Boulevard in less Arcadian settings, these houses are free of the restrictive covenants that have given the "gardens" their great harmony but have also froze them in time. Moments of everyday modernism—and post-modernism—can be found in these blocks where individual parcels reflect individual tastes or the current architectural trends. The area is bounded by Flushing Meadows Park, Long Island Expressway, Jackie Robinson Parkway, Metropolitan Avenue and the aforementioned Queens Boulevard. There are also a few houses closer to the garden district at the western edge of the neighborhood close to Yellowstone Boulevard. 

Forest Hills

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