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Fresh Meadows, originally part of the Town of Flushing, is named after its water source—the freshwater variety—to distinguish itself from the salty kind that fed the wetlands south and east of the village of Flushing. It is known for its large housing development, Fresh Meadows Housing Development, built for World War II veterans, which occupies almost half of the neighborhood. The remaining blocks are filled with fairly large, tightly spaced, suburban-style single-family homes with shared driveways. There are a few exceptions in the form of semi-detached houses (see center photograph). Many architectural styles can be found in mostly traditional or neo-traditional vocabularies, employing a variety of materials and colors. Fresh Meadows is bounded by the Horace Harding Expressway to the north, Union Turnpike to the south, Francis Lewis Boulevard to the east and the mid-180s to the west that border the neighborhoods of Hillcrest and Utopia.

Fresh Meadows

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