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Flushing was one of the five original towns of Queens County when it was founded in 1683. It was named after the Dutch city of Vlissingen. It is among the borough's largest neighborhoods and often includes the subsections of Murray Hill, Broadway-Flushing, Linden Hill, Queensboro Hill, and Waldheim. It is in these smaller neighborhoods that the typical Queens post-war, low-rise housing typologies dominate. Closer to Downtown Flushing one can find larger multi-family apartment buildings in a variety of different styles: some reference monumental architecture from Europe or Asia, others are more modern and stripped-down. A few Victorian mansions can be found in the streets directly south of the downtown area. Sometimes referred to as the birthplace of religious tolerance, Flushing also seems to be extremely tolerant of architectural alterations and self-built structures, lending an even more informal character–more than usual for Queens–to the neighborhood.


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