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This upscale neighborhood stretches from Grand Central Parkway at the southern edge to the tip of a small peninsula east of Little Neck Bay. Douglaston is perhaps the most suburban of all Queens’ neighborhoods with a strong historical character of large lots and city planning from the early 20th century. The terrain is quite steep at times and there are many houses that have to negotiate grade in practical and creative ways. A smaller subsection of the neighborhood, Douglaston Hill, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Crossing Northern Boulevard to the south one enters the more familiar urban/suburban fabric of Queens. It is bounded to the west by Alley Pond Park and the Cross Island Parkway; to the east, by Little Neck (Marathon Parkway). All but one of the houses featured in this section are single-family homes, which constitute the majority of the housing stock save the small sections of streets surrounding the Douglaston Golf Course. 


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