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This crescent-shape neighborhood is bound geographically by Grand Central Parkway to the north and Astoria Boulevard to the south on a raised portion of land that overlooks these major traffic arteries. It is not serviced by the subway or LIRR network and depends exclusively on city bus lines for public transportation. Yet in spite of this isolated condition it still has many of the same housing types and building features as the rest of the borough, mostly of the detached and semi-detached variety. In contrast to the other neighborhoods, it has a "big sky" feeling to it with very few tall buildings so as not to interfere with the La Guardia airport control tower sight lines. Within the regular street grid there are several alleys and service lanes that cut through the blocks and expose interesting backbuildings and rear gardens. Second-story covered balconies are common in this neighborhood as are aluminum “step-down” awnings–a Queens classic.

East Elmhurst


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