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Located in the northwest corner of Queens, this working class neighborhood is very reminiscent of the urbanism and architecture of Astoria. Although slightly less commercial and urbane, it maintains a high quality of living with its quiet streets, proximity to the East River and access to Astoria Park, famous for its public swimming pool. The grid of its street pattern is only interrupted by the massive concrete arched pylons of the Hell Gate Bridge (seen next to two of the houses in photos below) cutting through the blocks in a slightly arcing path. East of Hazen Street there is a section that has some large multi-unit apartment buildings with dramatic 45 degree siting, as well as the very well-groomed, suburban row houses of “Garden Bay Manor”, complete with tudor-style wood and stucco detailing. The rest of Ditmars Steinway is made up of the same, totally unpredictable variety of low-rise houses that can be seen in the rest of the borough. 

Ditmars Steinway

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