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“I was afraid that I would be persecuted for my beliefs. They drove my family out of Bayside, sir." – George Costanza

This quote from the famous “Festivus" Seinfeld episode illustrates in a comical way the somewhat conservative nature of this well-heeled neighborhood to the east of Flushing bordering Little Neck Bay. Begun as a farming community, Bayside was once a popular home to the acting community in the early 20th century before the industry settled out west in Hollywood. It is now a wealthy, mainly white, upper-class neighborhood with pockets of racial and socio-economic diversity in the southern and eastern portions. Finding eclectic housing in Bayside was a little more challenging than in other neighborhoods but there are still plenty of good examples. The residential stock is mostly single-family homes with a few multi-family apartment buildings. Among them, an impressive “mini-Tudor” village style development (middle, center) on 42nd Avenue just west of the Clearview Expressway.



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