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At the eastern edge of the borough sandwiched between Downtown Flushing and more sub-urban Bayside is Auburndale, a small neighborhood sprung from one landowner's farm plot at the beginning of the 20th century. Not as affluent or restrictive (in terms of covenant use) as Broadway-Flushing to the north, this solid middle class neighborhood has an eclectic character with many bold Tudor-style homes (photos 1 & 4) and some European stylistic references such as Spanish tile roofing, salmon-color stucco, and large loggia-like covered terrace spaces (photos 7,10, &12). The most common housing types are detached single-family houses and row houses but a few multi-family units have begun to appear in recent years. A couple blocks away from the LIRR station is the home of artist Joseph Cornell, famous for his surreal shadow box assemblages. In some of these houses, one can witness a similar uncanny approach as applied to traditional architectural themes.



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