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At the northern tip of Bayside is the affluent, exurban subsection of Bay Terrace. With its collection of gated housing communities and high-rise cooperative towers there is not much, urbanistically speaking, that connects it to the rest of the city. Furthermore, it is cut-off by the Clearview Expressway to the west, the Cross Island Parkway to the North and East, and a large shopping center along 26th Avenue to the south. But despite the dominance of all these large-scale private developments, there are still a few streets winding through the residual parcels of land that contain the quirky public character typical of small-scale residential architecture in Queens. Three-story condos are the majority of what is featured here along with a couple of single-family detached houses. The architectural styles range from the 50’s to the 90’s with many mansard variations. In a couple of the photos, the two “tri-wing” towers of the Bay Club can be seen looming in the background.

Bay Terrace


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