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Perhaps the most interesting housing typology one can find in Queens is the semi-detached house. These houses are fairly common throughout the borough and are hardly ever found in their original, symmetrical state. In most cases they began as two halves of a whole, but in many others they are the duplication of one house merged together, like conjoined twins. The interesting part about them is the phenomenon of how they begin to differentiate themselves from their mirror-image neighbor. Perhaps more than one's neighbor on the other side of the driveway, these houses struggle for their identity more than any other type. The Janus-faced nature of these structures can sometimes be quite jarring but more often they are comical in nature. It is probably not by accident that Archie Bunker and George Jefferson of All in The Family shared a semi-detached house in Glendale, Queens. Of course, in their case, all the drama and conflict was expressed on the inside; quite the opposite of the houses that follow. 

Semi-Detached Houses

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