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This mixed-use neighborhood which includes large commercial centers such as Rego Center and Costco is also very mixed in scale with large apartment complexes on the northern side of Queens Boulevard and detached houses lining the crescent-shaped streets in the southern portion. In between the boulevard and the LIRR tracks are garden style co-ops and condos.  The name "Rego" was derived from the Real Good Construction Company, which built over 500 affordable houses in the 1920s. The picturesque traditions of colonial, English, and Tudor can be seen throughout the “Crescents” and blocks south of Queens Boulevard. In many cases, adjustments have been made at the front of the house to accommodate a garage by means of a sunken-driveway. In a few, the front yard has been raised–and paved–to create a large patio a couple steps up from the sidewalk. As in all of Queens, the homeowner has interpreted their property as they see fit.

Rego Park

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