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One of the smallest neighborhoods of Queens which has its housing stock reduced even further by three large high school campuses (Jamaica High, Hillcrest High School, and Thomas Edison) and a picturesque little park with a pond (Captain Tilly Park). Jamaica Hills is bordered by Grand Central Parkway to the north, Hillside Avenue to the south, Parsons Boulevard to the west, and Homelawn Street to the east. Amongst its thirty short—mostly curvilinear—residential streets is a wonderfully eclectic mix of houses with plenty of character and striking color choices. One of the reasons there are many brightly painted accents throughout this streetscape is that the late Bangledeshi guru, Sri Chinmoy, made Jamaica Hills his home for over forty years and attracted a large number of followers who moved into the neighborhood with him. The sky blue color specific to his devotees is especially popular and is also the trademark of several South Asian vegetarian restaurants located there.

Jamaica Hills

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