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Home of the county seat and many larger civic buildings (court houses, main library, etc.) it is perhaps most frequented by the rest of New York as a major transportation hub in which subways, trains, buses, and the monorail to JFK connect at Jamaica Station. This is also the area of most commercial activity. Yet, just a few blocks away from all this commotion one can find the same low-rise housing models typical to Queens, with many of the same characteristic alterations in even bolder colors. It’s easy to cover the rainbow in a tight 4-block radius from any point where one chooses to start looking. Included within this section is the subsection of South Jamaica between Linden Boulevard and Rockaway and Baisley Boulevards to the north and south respectively and the Van Wyck Expressway to the west and the LIRR to the east. Jamaica proper is contained by Hillside Avenue to the north and a more irregular contour at the east as it butts up against Hollis. 


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