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This neighborhood—unlike East Elmhurst—does observe normal geographic logic and is indeed north of Corona on the other side of Roosevelt Avenue. It is bounded by Astoria Boulevard to the north, where East Elmhurst begins. These two neighborhoods are often grouped together in one combined area as evidenced by the weekly tabloid of the 1950's called The Corona East Elmhurst News. Another interesting blurring of neighborhood boundaries–on an urban planning level–is with Jackson Heights on the west side of Junction Boulevard. The street grid in the northern portion aligns with this neighborhood while the southern portion shifts to align with Corona. North Corona in general does not contain many houses in the picturesque tradition (English, Tudor, colonial, etc.) but instead has an abundance of one- and two-family houses mixed with multi-unit brick buildings from the 80's and 90's. Mixed zoning has allowed for these to co-exist in often dramatic ways.

North Corona

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