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The largest and most gentrified neighborhood in the borough, consists of many new residential towers along the East River, factories and old warehouses in the mid-section, commercial buildings near Queensboro plaza, the largest public housing complex in the United States–Queensbridge Houses–just north of the 59th Street Bridge along the river, and many small cultural institutions throughout. Low-rise housing can be found mostly in the streets bordering Astoria, south of 36th Street in what used to be known as Ravenswood. A motley collection of detached houses in-between light industrial shops and newly developed hotels exists in the blocks north of Queensboro plaza. This offers jarring contrasts in scale and use that are rarely seen in the rest of the borough. The photos below show simple vinyl-clad volumes with varying relationships in height off the ground plane, different security grille designs, rendered in a broad range of colors. 

Long Island City

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