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This southeastern neighborhood is filled with some of the most quirky and colorful adaptations in the borough. Two-story detached, semi-detached, and attached houses dominate in the colonial and mock-Tudor styles. One of the peculiar styles could be referred to as “quasi-detached” due to the tenuous connection of paired arches with a Spanish tile roof between the two houses (see top-center, middle-right, bottom-left). The row houses have a particularly animated quality with different coloration applied to their feature-heavy façades. There is visible pride in Laurelton as evidenced in the numerous placards strewn about the neighborhood awarding “Most Beautiful Block” and even “Most Improved Block” by the Garden Club of Laurelton. The spirit of beautification and home improvement is alive and well in this middle-class, mostly African-American community. Laurelton is bound by the Belt Parkway to the south and east, Springfield Boulevard to the west, and 121st Avenue to the north.


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