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It is often noted how Queens was not so long ago a county dominated by farmland. Senior residents will share stories of pastoral landscapes they experienced as a child. The Queens County Farm of Glen Oaks is a small window into this past—a popular attraction for school field trips and weekend family visits. Add to this the Long Island Jewish Medical Center and the North Shore Towers and there is hardly any land left for low-rise residential in this easternmost neighborhood. For the purposes of this survey, Glen Oaks has been paired with Floral Park (south of Union Turnpike, north of Hillside Avenue) which is predominantly residential. The plots have a similar suburban feel to Nassau County—just a few blocks to the east across Langdale Street, where the numbered streets drop off—but the houses still have that quirky Queens character. Both neighborhoods are bound by the Cross Island and Grand Central Parkways to the west and the north, respectively. 

Glen Oaks & Floral Park

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