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This small neighborhood lies directly southeast of the main highway interchange in the borough: where Grand Central Parkway, the Van Wyck Expressway, Jackie Robinson Parkway all cross and Queens Boulevard ends. In spite of all this heavy traffic, or perhaps because if it, it has a secluded, introspective quality due to its concentric and windy street pattern and its more pronounced topography of hilly streets. This coupled with the demographic make-up has perhaps influenced the homeowners to be a little more radical in their expression of home since it is among the most varied neighborhoods in the borough, in terms of housing typologies, architectural styles, colors, and configurations. To the south across Hillside Avenue is Jamaica and to the east of Parsons Boulevard is Jamaica Hills. To the north across Union Turnpike is Kew Gardens Hills and to the west of the Van Wyck Expressway is Kew Gardens.



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